Our story

Tribal Clothing was formed in the early 2020s but our roots go much deeper than that. Let’s take you back to the 80s, when everything seemed brand new. Shortboard surfboards, three fins, neon shorts. We watched others take to the water and wished we could do the same. So we did. We weren’t very good, we still aren’t. We climbed on and fell off more than we care to remember but it didn’t matter. We bought the boards, wore the flip-flops, owned the t-shirts. We were part of something bigger - a community, a tribe.

We’re a little older now, but the adventure sticks around. These days it takes in ski slopes and skateparks, we really should know better. We still buy the boards and wear the flip-flops but we got fed up with the t-shirts. Mass produced, with no personality. It’s never been our thing. What if we could do something different?

We tried out our own designs and people asked us to do more. So we did. Independent, authentic clothing and exciting designs you won’t find anywhere else. There are no other rules, we just capture the moments we’ve experienced.

Maybe you’re the surfer that can’t surf. Maybe you can. It still doesn’t matter. You’re part of something bigger. We’re of the same tribe.